• Jordan Winawer

James Essex: Hosting Sessions to Raise Money for Charity

James Essex is a musical artist and with over 42K followers on Tik Tok.

James has a passion for helping others and making a difference in his community. In particular, he is a big mental health advocate and regularly expresses his dedication to this cause on his social channels.

James has used Chatalyze to raise money for Mind, a charity that provides support and advice to people dealing with mental health issues. Raising money on Chatalyze has really been a win-win because not only has James been able to support a great cause, but he has also been able to build closer relationships with members of his community, many of whom have applauded this initiative.

We at Chatalyze want to thank James for everything he's doing and for using his influence for good. Keep up the great work!

To book a chat with James, check out his booking page.

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