• Jordan Winawer

Cam Bogle’s Video Chat Sessions

Cam Bogle is a singer/songwriter with nearly 67k followers on Twitter. His song Dukes N' Boots has over 319K streams on Spotify.

Cam hosts sessions to spend 1:1 time with members of the “Cammunity” around the world. His sessions are typically one-hour long and are divided into 20 three-minute call slots that always get booked up quickly!

Cam enables Chatalyze’s auto-screenshot feature, which takes a photo for each fan during their call that they can share on social media afterward. For example, 14 of 20 fans shared their screenshots on Twitter right after one of his recent sessions. Check this content out by scrolling through all 14 screenshots at the bottom.

If you want to meet Cam, click the “Follow” button on his booking page to receive a notification as soon as he schedules his next session. Also, if you haven’t done so already, check out his Spotify!

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